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Building Automation Solutions

We are a high-value-added building technologies distributor that provides top-quality products as well as a technological platform that supports healthy, energy-efficient, and secure building environments. Trust us for all your building automation needs such as top-quality products, design solutions, technical knowledge, and support services.

Building Automation Essentials

While each building automation system is customized to match the demands of the facility and its residents, they all have the same components:

  • Software
  • Field controllers
  • A communication bus
  • Network controllers
  • Downstream end-devices for occupant control (thermostats, room controllers)
access control

Access Control Solutions

Access control is one of the best ways to secure your business and its’ residents. Beyond securing your building, access control helps effectively protect your data from unauthorized users. We have a number of access control systems to choose from that can be utilized for your commercial property. Below are a few benefits of implementing access control systems for your business.

Benefits of Access Control

  • Keep track of who’s coming and going at all times.
  • Organize and inform you if an employee is in the building.  
  • Secure sensitive information or data. 
  • Reduce potential theft and accidents.
lighting automation system

Lighting Automation Solutions

Our lighting control systems deliver the right amount of light, where and when you want it. We can provide lighting automation solutions that provide you more control over your lighting levels, depending on your needs and working conditions. Lighting control helps save you money and conserve energy by turning off (or dimming) lights when they are not required.

Lighting Automation Options

Among our innovative lighting control systems are some or all of the following:

  • Controls for turning on/off and dimming
  • Occupancy sensors to detect whether rooms are occupied
  • A centralized control system interface 
  • A method of measuring, displaying, and reacting to lighting energy consumption.

Why Commercial Control Solutions? 

Commercial Control Solutions’ objective is to hire the best and brightest in the industry and to push ourselves to bring the most cutting-edge developments and technology to improve the project performance. We leverage new and existing buildings with an open, interoperable solution. Our experts will install and automate the appropriate systems to satisfy your long-term requirements. You can rely on our partnership to support your success and growth in the world of building technologies.